Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shopping Frustration

This past weekend I spent some time looking at clothes and shoes for my 2 year old son. I encountered the same three problems at each store.

1. The toddler boys section is about a quarter the size of the toddler girl section.

2. The sales in the girls section were significantly better than in the boys section (Huge clearance section with 80-90% off in the girls section and the most off in the boys section was 50%).

3. There are very few shirts and shoes that don't have some kind of print or logo. Everything from the cutesy 'little slugger' type things to huge brand logos and TV characters to ridiculous plaids and strips.

I would like some nice quality solid color shirts, tennis shoes without mass marketed characters on them and some cute summer waterproof sandals but I guess that is just too much to ask for.


Anonymous said...

Everything you said is so true and so frustrating. Sounds like you need school uniforms. Have you tried consignment shops?


kelahamilton said...

To bad my little one is not in school yet or the uniform option could be part of the solution. I frequent consignment and thrift stores and do end up buying more than half of his clothing there but even there most stuff has TV or movie characters on it and we try to avoid that stuff if we can.

The shopping frustration has gone beyond my son now. My husband and I have also been woefully disappointed in the selection of clothes for the adult but not old segment.