Thursday, April 9, 2009

I am hugging my munchkin a little tighter today

When I first became pregnant I started reading books and articles about pregnancy and child rearing and eventually I looked on the internet for women who were or had experienced it. It was during this search that I can across the website of Heather Spore. She was due near the time I was but was having some complications. I sat with baited breath as I waited for updates and was scared for her when little Maddie was born very early weighing just a little over 3 pounds. Over the last year and half I have read as Maddie passed all the normal milestones and enjoyed looking at the pictures of her shinning smile.

After being off the internet for several days I was giving a horrible shock upon logging on to the news that this adorable, happy little child had died. My heart aches for Heather, Mike and their whole family and I will continue to have them in my thoughts. Even though I never met her in person I will miss her and her smiles. I will be hugging my sweet baby boy (and all my loved ones) closer as I am reminded of the frailty of the human condition and our ultimate mortality.