Monday, May 11, 2009

Clipping post for RSS feeds

I use Google reader to keep up with the blogs that I read the most often. It has worked pretty well except for a couple of little quirks. I wish I would get a notification when someone updates an older post and I wish I could get them to show up in chronological order rather than reverse chronology. Those thing aside I have been very happy with it.

Lately though, it is a decision that my favorite bloggers are making that is driving me up the wall. I really appreciate those bloggers that allow the entire post to show up on the reader and I ofter click on to the page to read the comments when I have the time. I am even ok with those who put up one or two paragraphs with a 'click here' to read below the fold. What I can't stand is the 10-15 word truncations that rarely even give me a clue as to what the post is actually about. I get that you want people to go to the actual blog page because it brings in revenue (i guess) but mostly it just make me not want to read your blog at all.


Unknown said...

I can't stand the people who use just the headline as their RSS feed. What's the dang point?

Oftentimes, I go to the blog anyway (especially if it's like to read the post and the comments.


Lorry said...

"View Settings" lets you change it to chronological order. And I agree completely.