Saturday, February 14, 2009

My son. The traiter!

This adorable, precious, sweet and innocent baby is actually a vile traitor who has forsaken the women who birthed him.

For about 6 weeks Sebastian has been regularly saying 'dada' and will readily point to him out if asked. Hoever, he has yet to utter the word 'mama' and if you ask him "Where is mama?" he will give you a blank stare as if to say "Who?"

Well, last evening while we were all standing around the kitchen, he looks at my mother-in-law and says clear as day "gran-ma". My own son, that I carried around for nine months, labored and birthed with no drugs, feed from my body and love with my whole heart, says gran-ma before mama. How horribly unfair.

NOT the Mama

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