Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lost in the millions

Brian and I take an obscene number of pictures of our son in hopes of getting a few really good pictures. The obsession results in large folders on our computers taking up gigs worth of memory. I have mine divided by weeks and each folder contains at least a couple hundred photos, many of which are out of focus, have too much or too little flash or has one of the subjects looking stoned. Every week we are able to salvage 10-20 really good photos to put up on his website so far away family and friend can keep up with his progress.

So, today in an effort to reclaim some hard drive space I started going through the picture folders and deleting the worst offenders. While performing my task, I came across this gem of a photo that we had some how missed before.

This was taken about 3 months ago when Sebastian was 18 weeks old. It is but of preview of how his personality would develop.

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Brian Hamilton said...

I still think that this picture makes him look like a really old man who is wilting away into nothing.